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ESQUEL Pallasite, Argentina
Classification: Pallasite-MG
ESQUEL, Esquel, Chubut Province (Patagonian Territory), Argentina; φ = 42°54'S, λ = 71°20'W.
FOUND, probably before 1951.
STONY-IRON, pallasite.
1 specimen, weight about 1500 kg. They meteorite was found awbeded in the soil; brought to Buenos Aires City, is in possession of his finder.
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BRENHAM Pallasite PMG-an, USA, Kansas, 2005
Classification: Pallasite PMG-an
United States, Kansas, near Haviland 37° 34' 57"N, 99° 9' 49"W
Find: 1882, 2005
Brenham is a pallasite meteorite found near Haviland, a small town between Wichita and Dodge City in Kansas. Pallasites are a type of stony-iron meteorite that when cut and polished show yellowish olivine (peridot) crystals. The Brenham meteorite is associated with the Haviland Crater. A collector named H.O. Stockwell, in 1949 discovered a mass of 450 kilograms (990 lb), known at the time as "The World's Largest Pallasite Meteorite." In October 2005, geologist Philip Mani and meteorite hunter Steve Arnold located and recovered the largest fragment ever found of Brenham: a single pallasite mass of 650 kilograms.
8.5% Ni, 21.5 ppm Ga, 55.5 ppm Ge, 0.023 ppm Ir
ESQUEL Pallasite polished partslice with olivine crystalls
Weight: 3.27 gr
99 USD
Brenham Pallasite quality etched BIG slice with olivine crystalls
Size: 58.3 x 57 x 3.7 mmWeight: 50.2 gr
400 USD
Nice etched BIG slice with Widmanstatten pattern and olivine crystalls - 50.2 gr
Smaller partslices in Collector Box
Brenham Pallasite etched partslices with olivine crystalls
Weight: 6.0 gr 5.8 gr 5.2 gr
Available in English label also
40 USD
Brenham Pallasite etched partslices with olivine crystalls
Weight: 5.8 gr 3.9 gr
Available in English label also
40 USD
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