New arrived meteorites and related items
HOBA IVB full metal fine polshed slices now available! With troilit nodules, very nice pieces!
I offer rare, historic and unique or newest meteorites for sale from Europe or over  the World.
Every meteorites for sale is Authenticity Guaranted and comes from provenance source. Our for sale items comes with ID card and if it possible with the ID Card of former owner or Museum, University!
Please check this page sometimes because our offer is constantly changing and increasing.
The images has taken by CANON DSLR camera by MACRO objective lens and you can see the piece with 1x1x1 cm scale cube (not included). The sizes of this pieces Iam measuring with Digital caliper with 0.1 mm tolerance and the weights over 20 gr 0.01 gr or below 20 gr 0.001 gr tolerance.
These items are very unique and usually I sell them in one or two month. Dont hesitate lets reserve it if you like something item. Click the Ordering button.
HOBA IVB 6.423 gr 22.2 x 23.8 x 3.9 mm quality polished slice - SOLD
HOBA IVB 3.923 gr 14 x 9.9 x 3.8 mm quality polished slice - SOLD USD
NEWEST Hungarian meteorite, Csátalja H45 chondrite
Available pieces (slices) and Thin Sections also
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HOBA IVB in MetBull
CHELYABINSK LL5 individuals, slices with authentic dried Chelyabinsk soil sample in vial glass plus authentic part of broken window glass by shockwawe on nice labeled Card with GPS Coordinates! Unique meteorite collector SET!

NWA 869 H chondrite end-cuts in Collector Box!
Iron meteorites:
MORASKO IABMG big end-cut, Muonionalusta IVA quality etched slices, Sweden, Agoudal IIAB individuals and etched end-cuts with AWSOME pattern (Neumann-lines, multicolor), Nantans, Campo del Cielos
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QUALITY Thin Sections - please interest for available pieces, images - Click here
Custom designed Iphone 5/5S cases with Fukang, Widmanstatten and NWA 6263 CV3 themes.
Meteorite Display  Collector Box Holders in two sizes. Click Here!!!
Brenham and Esquel Pallasite  etched slices  cheap!  from 45 USD. See Here!!!
Mounionalusta IVA
Rhodium plated
Japaneese mechanics,
leather belt
Fine quality Design
279 USD
Interest in email.

GIBEON IVA Iron slice, Namibia
Quality Etched cirlcle

90 USD
Interest in email.
L'Aigle Historic  L6 chondrite partslice from 1803,
FRANCE 0.39 gr in Collector Box
TEKTITES: Moldavites, Thailandites, Australites, Irgizites, Darwin Glass, Lybian Desert Glass - Click Here!!!
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Achondrite meteorites
TISSINT Martian meteorites and DAG 400 LUNAR meteorites in Collector Box
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