The NEWEST HUNGARIAN CSÁTALJA H4-5 S2/4 W1 meteorites for sale!
NEWEST Hungarian (Europian) meteorite, Official name is Csatalja H4-5, S2/4 W1 chondrite!

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The meteorite was found in August 2012, near to Csatalja village, South-Hungary while farm work, when out the stone while plowing a tractor. The area is under agricultural cultivation.Two of the three years the farmer doing deep plowing, when the plow go down 0.5 meters as well. Probably one of those deep plowing up the surface of the meteorite and found it so in 2012. The find location was some km E of the village of Csátalja at 46.006° N, 18.991° E. Finder: Karoly Kiss tractor driver. Spar week after the land-owner left to the Astronomical Observatory, Baja to director of Observatory, Dr. Hegedus. He sent a sample was further analyzed in University of Bratislava Dr. Juraj Toth and Dr. Szaniszló Bérczi of University of Eötvös Lóránd, Budapest. Soon after, alarmed by Dr. Toth that this is real chondrite meteorite with about 15.8 kg TKW.
Later, a small piece Dr. Hegedus sent to the University of Pecs further analization. They examined the piece and made thin section and X-ray diffraction measurements.
The meteorite is a
H4, S2, W1 chondrite (based on thin section and SEM examination by Prof Anthony Irving, University of Washington).
We hope you'll have the results within a period of one months and soon will be published in the MetBull 103. This will be is the
13th hungarian meteorite (4 from these is doubtfull historic). The main mass currently is in Astronomical Observatory, Baja and in the hungarian NHM. Recently the found area has closed for any meteorite-finders and any persons because there is an archaeological site is licensed only for researchers.

Physical characteristics: A single brown, roughly equidimensional stone originally weighing ~15.8 kg.
Comments: Rich in Fe-Ni grains inside, in some places unexpectedly large ones. Outer surface has many weather-degraded regmaglypts.
Petrography: (A. Irving and S. Kuehner, UWS) The specimen consists of sparse relatively small (0.4-2.1 mm) chondrules and partial chondrules in a finer grained, recrystallized matrix rich in stained metal. Primary minerals are olivine, orthopyroxene, clinopyroxene, sodic plagioclase, chromite, merrillite, chlorapatite, troilite and kamacite (partially altered to iron hydroxides)
Geochemistry: Olivine (Fa18.6-19.9), orthopyroxene (Fs15.8-16.3Wo1.1-1.2), clinopyroxene (Fs5.7-5.8Wo45.6-46.4).
Classification: Ordinary chondrite, H4 (S2). Weathering grade is W1 by Prof. Irving.
Further analizations: Recently a team with leading Dr. Ákos Keresztúri in University of Eötvös Lóránd, Budapest is analizing  5 pcs Thin Sections of Csátalja H4-5 chondrite by polarizing-microscope, SEM and microprobe. He has found many shocked and weathering altered zones.  Some parts of meteorite are heavy oxidized (limonite, hamatite?), heavy shocked (stage 4!) and fractured with many shocked and filled by oxids veins.
An other team of University of Pécs is anailizing the samples also. The holder of Main Mass (BajaAO) going to make CRE analisys soon is ATOMKI, Debrcen, Hungary. The studies soon will be publish in Conferences, Workshops and in meteoritics related Scientific Journals.
The Main mass ~ 15.8 kg
The Main mass ~ 15.8 kg
36.3 gr BIG SLICE  my last slice (one side polished, other side is raw cutted)
Awsone pattern - 1600 USD
FOR SALE CSÁTALJA H4 chondrite pieces
Price from 45USD
The first cutting window
The Csatalja H4 chondrite slice is a multi-lithological meteorite with brecciated zones, IMB zones, many shock veins, FeNi lines and FeNi spots. The outside line is partially patinated, weathered.  On the surface you can see  opened,  broken veins.  Unique piece!!!
No further available material on the market! The Main Mass has displayed in an hungarian Astronomical Institute  in South-Hungary.
Sizes of slice (appr.): 115 mm x 65 mm x 1-2.5 mm
No more material on the private market!!! 
FOR SALE CSÁTALJA H4 chondrite Thin Sections Price: 180 USD/Thin Section
Available Thin Sections:
1 pc Thin Section from inside zone and 1 pc Thin Section with original Crust
Images of CSÁTALJA H4 chondrite
Polished slice with multi-lythological pattern
Polished slice with high metal contents
Sample Thin Section images of CSÁTALJA H4 chondrite - Not for Sale
See below the For Sale Csátalja H4 Thin Sections
Images courtesy of Astronomical Observatory of Baja, Hungary as Repository Home: BajaAO
Image of Csátalja H4 Thin Section No:003 in cross-polarized  light
Image of Csátalja H4 Thin Section No:003 in normal  light
Fractured of barred chondrula of Csátalja H4
Olivine chondrula of Csátalja H4 (fractured?)
Shocked chondrula of Csátalja H4
Brightfield image of Csátalja H4 with FeNi and troilite(FeS), opaque parts
Csátalja H4 polished fragment
Weight: 0.55 gr
45 USD
Csátalja H4 polished partslice
Weight: 0.74 gr
60 USD
Csátalja H4 polished partslice
Weight: 1.13 gr
90 USD
Csátalja H4 polished partslice
Weight: 1.25 gr
100 USD
Csátalja H4 polished slice with crust
Weight: 2.1 gr
208 USD
Csátalja H4 polished slice with crust
Weight: 3.38 gr
270 USD
Photos courtesy of Zsolt Kereszty IMCA#6251, member of MetSoc
Csátalja H4 filtered cutting dust
Weight: ~ 3 gr
17 USD
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