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TIRHERT new fall from Morocco with nice labeled collector BOX
Classification: eucrite-unbrecciated
History: (H. Chennaoui Aoudjehane, A. Aaronson, M. Aoudjehane, A. Bouferra, A. Bouragaa) On Wednesday, 9 July 2014 around 9:30 pm, residents of Tirhert, Foum El Hisn, Douar Imougadir and nearby villages in southern Morocco, witnessed an intense fireball moving horizontally in a NW to SE direction and lasting about 4 s, shortly followed by multiple sonic booms. The fireball was seen by people from cities and villages more than 220 km around the fall site near Tirhert. Immediately following the fireball event the mayor and the authorities of the area organized a field search with police to check for possible security problems. The first meteorites were recovered the following day close to the road between Foum El Hisn and Assa. Thousands of people moved to the site from surrounding cities and villages to search, but many soon left because of the difficulties of searching during the hot 50°C daytime temperatures. The positions of many of the pieces were recorded from eyewitness testimonials, forming a roughly 6 × 3 km strewnfield trending NW to SE. The largest recorded mass around 1300 g was collected close to Tirhert at the coordinates listed for this entry. Recovered pieces weighed from 1 to 1300 g, with an estimated total mass of 8 to 10 kg. Most pieces are covered by a very shiny, black fusion crust.
Physical characteristics: Glassy black fusion crust with translucent patches revealing plagioclase grains beneath. Broken surface shows mm-size white plagioclase and honey brown pyroxene grains, also some scattered mm-size opaque grains. Friable.
Petrography: (C. Agee and N. Muttik, UNM) Microprobe examination of a polished mount shows texturally equilibrated pyroxene and plagioclase, granoblastic to poikilitic with many triple junctions. Pyroxenes show exsolution lamellae. Plagioclase and pyroxene grain size up to ~1-2 mm. Silica, ilmenite, chromite, troilite, and Fe-metal (low Ni) present. Fusion crust ~50-100 μm thick, vesicles up to 20 μm present, glassy with compositional gradients and swirls. (A. Irving, UWS) Optical petrographic examination of a thin section of a different specimen shows that it is composed of subequal amounts of pyroxene and twinned plagioclase with accessory opaque oxides and minor troilite. The overall texture is equigranular, but plagioclase occurs as aggregates of multiple subgrains, and some plagioclase contains clusters of tiny pyroxene inclusions. Magnetic susceptibility: Log χ = 2.53
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Available two collector BOXES with  Authentic Sahara  Sand sample  of fallen  area  in Guelmim-Es-Smara in Vial Glass. Fall:  09/07/2014,  Morocco.  Unique Collector SET!!!
Tirhert Eucriteunbr collector SET with Authetic Sahara Sand sample of fall area in Guelmim Es-Smara, Morocco
Fall: 09/07/2014 Nice fragments
Weight: 0.534 gr
Tirhert Eucriteunbr collector SET with Authetic Sahara Sand sample of fall area in Guelmim Es-Smara, Morocco
Fall: 09/07/2014 Fragments with fusion crust
Weight: 0.69 gr
TISSINT Martian meteorites in Collector Box (0.007-0.012 gr/piece)
Coordinates: 29°28.917’N, 7°36.674’W Local: Tata, Morocco Fell: 18 July 2011
Classification: Martian meteorite (Shergottite)
Available 15 SETs with in English Label also
Ideal for beginner collectors
DAG 400 LUNAR meteorites in Collector Box (0.007-0.012 gr/piece)
Coordinates: 27° 22' 10"N, 16° 11' 56"E Local: Lybia Found: 1998 TKW: 1821 gr
Classification: Lunar meteorite (anorthositic breccia)
Available 25 SETs with in English Label also
Ideal for beginner collector
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