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I offer for sale different types of meteorites, Thin Sections, accessories for meteorite collectors  from authentic sources. Iam making any meteorite cutting,  grinding, polishing with quality machines and making fine quality Thin Sections from any sample material.

I have well experienced in astronomy and astronomical instruments for 35 years and have collected meteorites for 10 years. Iam a registered Member of International Meteorite Collectors Association (IMCA) from 2012 and Member of Meteoritcal Society and of Hungarian Astronomical Associaton also.

Every meteorites for sale is Authenticity Guaranteed and comes from provenance source. Our for sale items comes with ID card!

We are manufacturing and selling usefull accessories for collectors, for example Iphone 5/5S cases with meteorite themes, acryllic holders, label stands with magnet and name holder, acryllic meteorite slice stands, ultra strong Neodymium magnets, plastic Thin Sections containers, mailers.

Sometimes I can obtain for sale rare and historic meteorites from Europe or over  the World, you can see these if you clicking News button. Please check our page sometimes because our offer is constantly changing and increasing.

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Zsolt Kereszty
Hungary IMCA#6251 E-mail: cbo@t-online.hu


Iron meteorites:
MORASKO IAB-Mg iron meteorite
Muonionalusta IVA etched slices
Campo del Cielo Crystalls (lot of)
Gibeon Jewelry pendant
AGOUDAL IIAB individuals and Etched end-cuts (Neuman-lines, multu-color
See Irons.

Tissint Martian Meteorite in Collector Box
DAG 400 Lunar Meteorite in Collector Box
See Achondrites!

NEW unclassified NWA probable H chondrite
1370.1 gr regmalypted NWA XXX induvidual from Moroocco

UNWA slices in Collector Box
See Unclassified!

NEWEST! Hungarian prov. name of CSATALJA
chondrite H4-5, S2/4, W2 frgs SET and thin sections
and my last BIG SLICE. Official in MetBull104.
See Chondrites

Chelyabinsk LL5 in Collector Box

for sale. 3.7-10 gr individuals! See Rare!

Thailandites, Australites, Irgizites, Darwin Glass,
Libyan Desrt Glass, Moldavite tektites.
See Other

Fine polished Thin Sections:
Chelyabinsk LL5
Korra Korrabes H3, Namibia
Plus lot of TS
Azuara, impactite, Spain

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